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Stories from Justlife: Part 6

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 21 August 2012
Ed* moved to East Manchester from Blackpool about 12 months ago. He started volunteering for an organisation called Fare Share, which delivers surplus supermarket food to local organisations and charities, so encountered Justlife on a delivery round. After his volunteering placement finished he had nothing to do."When I first came to Justlife I was really lonely, I came to meet new people and see what was happening. When I had been volunteering and delivering food with Fare Share I came to Justlife so knew that there was a real buzz and people seemed friendly. When I first came in everyne was really warm, friendly and welcoming. I was offered a brew straight away and people were interested to talk to me. It has been like that ever since and I have met some really great people. The staff have been really helpful and when I have had problems they have been polite and helped be sort them out. I have come to lots of workshops and learnt to cook new meals and about gardening.Alex has been helping me to get ready for work by working with me to do a CV and look at options for gaining experience and improving skills for interviews and so on. I really want to work and the work club has given me the motivation and weekly routine to look for jobs.I am currently living in Bed and Breakfast emergency accommodation, which is not ideal. So I came to see the housing worker, Dave. When I came to see him we were both amazed. I knew Dave from 25 years ago when he worked with me in Bolton. It was good to talk about the past and see a really friendly face. Dave really helped me and last week I was offered my own flat in the local area. I am really looking forward to moving into my own place. Justlife is brilliant, a really good place that people who don't know where to turn can come to everyday. Justlife has given me purpose for everyday. If Justlife wasn't here I have no idea what all the people round here would do."*Name changed to protect identity