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Stories from Justlife: Part 1

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 02 July 2012
David* has been coming to Justlife since he moved into hostel accomodation in the area a couple of months ago. Prior to moving to the area David was caring for his terminally ill father, who sadly died. With a few years out of work and this overwhelming grief to deal with alone he was unable to return to his dad's home; where he was previously staying.When David arrived on the doorstep of Justlife he was fairly quiet, keeping himself to himself, but gradually he has started to come to workshops and activities, building friendships, confidence and skills. Matt has worked with him to tackle some issues and start rebuilding his future.Whilst chatting to David the other day he expressed a real interest in getting back into employment. He had worked in many skilled positions before caring for his father, but the long break in employment had knocked his confidence. David attended the Justlife work club and we helped him apply for a work placement, to help him rebuild confidence and prepare for work. He secured an interview, which he attended the next day and was successful in getting a placement, starting in mid-July.By journeying with David, listening to him, practically addressing his needs and giving him hope, David is rebuilding his life.We want more of these stories. Help us share the success by voting for us in the National Lottery Awards. Click here.*David = name changed for confidentiality.