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Stories from Justlife

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 19 December 2012
Paul's story*"I came out of prison in 2006 and had nowhere to go. I stayed with friends for a bit then moved in with my mum, but eventually she chucked me out. Homeless, I went to a B&B in Ardwick. It was rough, really terrible so I ended up sleeping in a car for a few nights. Winter was coming and I new that would be hard so I got a B&B room in Gransmoor Avenue; that was back in October 2010. I was in between Gransmoor and another B&B, Warrens, for nearly 2 years in total. Life just wasn't getting sorted out.I was told about Justlife by some of the people that I was living with and started coming in 2011. Everyone was friendly and I found out they could help with looking for work and sorting out various issues. Alex sorted out my CV and helped me find a really good work placement with a construction company. The placement went well and the company are going to take me on, I just need to finish the final bit of a plumbing course that I am on. Finding a good job is hard when you've got a big criminal record... so I am chuffed that I will have a job soon.I have got some debt issues to, and Justlife referred me to Christians Against Poverty. These guys have been great, as the debt gets quite overwhelming, especially when you know interest is increasing and you are owing more and more. They have really helped me sort all that stuff out.About 6 months ago I was referred to the Justlife at Home project. As I was in none-priority need on the council housing list there was no chance of me getting a place for a long time - years, so Justlife suggested I look at the private rented sector. Nigel helped me find my own privately rented flat and sorted out all the paperwork and bond. This has been brilliant and moved me out of Gransmoor quicker than I thought possible. I am so glad to be out of that place, it is like a trap and it makes you go crazy.I am dead happy with how Justlife really on every level helped me sort my life out. It is a smashing organisation and I know that I can always go back no matter what the problem."*Name changed for confidentiality.