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Nursing at Justlife Manchester

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 24 October 2012
At the start of September Margaret, a practice nurse, started running a weekly clinic at Justlife Manchester. Nursing for 42 years, Margaret is extremely experienced and is excited about the new challenge of working at Justlife.Since starting just a couple of months ago she has seen people regarding wound care, general health advice and other issues. She is fitting into the Justlife team well and building relationships with the regular service users.Margaret said: "I have always had a passion to do something with the homeless, but never thought I would end up using my career in nursing to do this as the opportunity never came up. So I am really excited to be at Justlife.Everyone has been extremely welcoming and Justlife is an incredible place to work, with warm and friendly staff and a great atmosphere. It is great to be able to offer health advice and treatment in a place where people feel safe and relaxed.Justlife really is a safe haven for people who have nowhere and no-one else."Margaret is seconded on a weekly basis from Middleton Health Centre, Hope Citadel Healthcare.