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Newbie Natasha

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 12 October 2012
Natasha joined the Justlife team at the beginning of the week. She is currently studying a degree in Social Work at Chester University and is on a 4 month work placement at the Justlife centre in Openshaw, Manchester.Natasha has been helping with the drop in, giving basic advice and getting to know our staff volunteers and many service users. She is also working with staff to support people and assist with workshops and other activities.We are really excited to have Natasha on board full-time, for 4 months. Natasha is one of three students currently working with us.Here's what Natasha has to say: "I have had a fantastic experience so far, getting to know everyone. Just before I started I was invited to the Justlife vision night - this was great becuase I was inspired and learnt about how Justlife started and the massive impact that it is having on the local community."So, here is a little bit about Natasha...Favourite Food: Indian food, 'a good curry'Luxury item: Gingerbread Latte and dark chocolateFavourite TV programme: Take me Out 'No likey, no lighty'What does Natasha do in her spare time: 'I am all singing, all dancing... in a gospel choir and numerous other creative activities, I also have all my uni work to do!!