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Kyle and Justlife

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 21 February 2012
A few words from Kyle, a service user at Justlife:I started coming to Justlife more than a year ago, before the centre opened. One of the guys I live with told me about it, about the free food and nice people, so I came along.Now the centre is open it is great. I come a few times a week and have got involved in the IT course, art, gardening, football and cooking. I also still love coming to the drop in meals on a Monaday and Friday, the food is great. All the activities give you something to do and a purpose in your day. When I get my life sorted out I want to work with art or in catering so its important that I keep busy and motivated.The staff are great, I feel like Matt is a friend more than anything. I know that if stuff is rubbish I can always come and talk to the people here and they will listen and help. If Justlife wasn't here I would just be sitting in my flat all day doing nothing. Basically Justlife is a really good place with really good help and it is in just the right place. (Pic: Mugs painted by Kyle and others in the art workshop)