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Justlife in London

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 08 March 2012
Justlife has been contracted by London based housing association, Local Space to help the leadership think about how to invest in their tenants and community in Newham, London. Last week, Justlife directors Gary Bishop and Gretta Starks led a working group with local councillors and the leadership team at Local Space to discuss posibilities for social investment in Newham.Newham is the 3rd most deprived ward in London and faces many related urban deprivation issues including: addiction, unemployment and low educational attainment, disability, family breakdown and difficulty in accessing services. Newham is also an incredibly diverse ward with around 74% of the population being from BME groups, many of whom are migrants. Newham is also the site for 60% of the 2012 Olympics and other developments.This project follows successful work with Local Space earlier in the year in Hastings, and is precedes future work with this partnership. In preparation for this workshop we conducted a piece of research which will form the basis of future work and consolation in this area.