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Justlife expands to the South Coast

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 12 June 2012
The Justlife Board of Trustees are delighted to confirm the commencement of a Justlife Pilot Project in Brighton. Funded by the BIG Lottery Fund, Seedbed and the excellent fundraising efforts of our 2012 marathon runners our Brighton project will be launching in September.The project will start in a very similar manner to the Manchester work with a weekly drop in for vulnerable people, this will be run by Simon Gale who is working for Justlife Foundation for a day a week. The commencement of the project deliberately coincides with Gary and Hannahs move to Brighton which will take place during the summer, they will both be giving time to the Brighton pilot, supporting Simon and establishing strategic links in South East which we hope will build a resilient future for Justlife in that part of the country. Gary says: ‘we have a great deal to learn about Brighton and the challenges which are faced by those in the margins of the city but we’re delighted to have Simon on board and really excited about a great partnership with One Church Brighton who are backing the project’ According to the Brighton Argus Brighton has one of the highest street count figures for homlessness outside of London, many have complex needs including; drug and or alcohol addiction, social exclusion, family breakdown, low self esteem and few prospects. Mental illness often remains undiagnosed and untreated, these conditions are more prevalent in Brighton than in other small cities. That seems good enough reason for Justlife to seek opportunities to serve, alongside the other existing services in the city. Gary will remain the Managing Director of Justlife nationally and will be visiting Manchester a couple of times a month as we continue to grow the work in the North West too.