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Stories from Justlife: Part 4

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 01 August 2012
3 months ago James* was referred to the Justlife Work Club by Jobcentre Plus. When he first came to us he was extremely nervous and had incredibly low confidence. He had been street homeless for a long time in London and had just moved back to Manchester, sofa-surfing with family. He was keen to get back into work, but had previously failed at interviews because of low confidence, fear and nerves. He also only wanted employment as a hospital porter, as this is what he had done before. With no hospital porter jobs available I worked with him to look at his skills, and what he enjoyed doing. We broadened the search for employment and things began to look more promising. Every week we worked on communication and confidence and every week he grew in belief in himself and confidence. Justlife was a place that James could come and feel safe and supportedWe created a CV, worked on phone skills and applied for numerous jobs. We applied for a work placement for him with Business in the Community and they accepted him onto the 2 week work placement scheme. He was excited but extremely nervous. The Salvation Army Charity Shop provided free clothes for his work placement, so he was ready to go.The work placement was really successful and he has subsequently been offered a job, which he started on Monday!When he found out about getting a job. We were the first people that he contacted with the good news. We wish James every success with his new job and will continue to support him where necessary. This story is also a brilliant example of organisations working together to support someone: Job Centre Plus, Justlife, Business in the Community and Salvation Army.* James (name changed for confidentiality)