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I don't know where I'd be without Justlife

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 29 February 2012
Dan* had been coming to Justlife drop-ins since early 2010. When the centre opened in March 2011 we started intensive work with Dan, identifying and addressing issues: mental health, relationships, money-management, use of time, confidence, housing and physical health.
Dan statred coming to the Justlife centre everyday, which was only a few hundred metres from his hostel. Taking part in the cooking, gardening and computer workshops helped him build confidence and skills. The computer workshop also enabled him to write a CV and set up email. Dan hadn't cooked in 2 years, so the cooking workshop taught him simple recipes and has given him the confidence to try them out.
Improving in confidence and social skills, Dan started volunteering at Justlife two days a week. With new responsibilities and purpose, Dan began to thrive and continued to build skills through the volunteer training programme.
Dan struggles with reading and writing therefore employment has always been difficult to apply to and gain. We helped Dan apply for and get a job! As well as working full time Dan still made time to come to drop-in sessions at Justlife. We have helped him apply for his own tenancy, and he should move shortly. We also helped him open a credit union account and he has so far saved £200.
Dan said: "If I didn't come here I don't know what I would do. Nothing probably, drugs or just have a rubbish life. Justlife has given me stuff to do that has made me feel good about what I can achieve. It has been my lifeline for the last year. They really care about me. They're always there."
(*name changed)