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Gary Graduates with an MBA

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 28 June 2012
Today, Justlife Director, Gary Bishop is graduating with an MBA from the University of Durham.In December 2008 Gary was awarded the Independent Newspaper Scholarship to study for and MBA at Durham Business School. Gary has no completed his MBA, adding strong business skills to Gary’s depth of experience in the community sector. He completed the MBA 2009-2012, whilst setting up Justlife.The Independent featured a story about Gary's MBA and Justlife earlier this year. Click here to read.Gary's dissertation and work focussed on the value of third sector involvement in urban regeneration programmes, extremely connected with current and future projects of Justlife.If you would like to support Gary's achievements at Justlife, please vote for Justlife in this year's National Lottery Awards. Click here to vote.