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Gary and Alastair Star in the Derby Programme

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 01 May 2012
Yesterday was derby day in Manchester... Manchester City v. Manchester United, and we made it to the programme. City fans and Justlife Directors Gary Bishop and Alastair Jones were featured at the finish line of the Brighton marathon holding a Manchester City flag.The programme said:"Alastair Jones, seasoncard holder from Stretford with his son in the North Stand, and his friend and fellow City fan Gary Bishop from Openshaw both ran the Brighton marathon on Sunday 15th April. Alastair says: "It was Gary's first ever marathon and my second, but we have been inspired by City's efforts this season and cheered the familiar 6-1 victory over Norwich the day before to help inspire us to achieve our goals of completing the 26.22 mile course."No mention for Justlife, but lets hope people look closely at the 'Running for Justlife' tshirts that Gary and Alastair are wearing in the picture!