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Bringing Justlife to the Theatre

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 04 October 2012
Justlife has just been accepted onto the Royal Exchange, Manchester community links programme, which seeks to open the theatre up to communities who would not normally connect with it. The programme includes backstage tours, discussion groups and the invitation for us to take groups of service users to various plays.The programme kicked off with Ruth Cox, Justlife centre manager and a service user watching the current featured play "A Country Wife" by William Wycherly and participating in a reception and discussion group. The Royal Exchange Theatre has an excellent reputation throughout the region and the play was extremely well staged and enjoyable.
In November we have planned a theatre tour, December Justlife will be taking a group to watch "Rats' Tale" by Carol Ann Duffy and in January we will be watching "Accrington Pals" by Peter Whelan. This programme is another opportunity to raise the aspirations of the vulnerable adults with which we work and open opportunities and doors that would otherwise be closed.