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1, 2, 3 People housed by new housing project

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  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 08 May 2012
In the first month of existence the new project at Justlife, 'Justlife at Home' has housed 3 people. Funded by Crisis, the 12 month project aims to help non-priority homeless and vulnerably housed adults into their own private rented sector (PRS) tenancies.Nigel Fyles, PRS Manager, is creating an impact already. Alongside liaising with partners and building links with landlords, he has worked with Matt Lloyd to identify 3 existing Justlife service users for PRS tenancies and moved quickly to set these up.Alongside rehousing people Nigel is also working with people to ensure they have the skills to maintain the tenancy and liaise with the landlord. Where the tenant has additional support needs Justlife is ideally placed to directly support or refer other needs.Justlife at Home is holding an event at Manchester City Council, First Street, on Tuesday 22 May 10am-12pm, where landlords and other services are invited to find out more about the scheme.Download the Justlife at Home leaflet.Download the Justlife at Home poster.