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Connecting with the Community

  • 1 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 02 November 2011
In the past month Justlife has taken on three volunteers from the local community. Lee, Oz and Siraya will all be helping out at the centre on a weekly basis.Our most recent recruit, Siraya, has lived in Openshaw all her life and found out about Justlife by walking past the centre. Volunteering at Justlife is her first step towards training and working in health and social care, with the aim of becoming a counselor. Siraya recognises and knows many of the service users from the area and is excited to be helping them get their lives back on track.Oz is volunteering to gain some personal hands on experience and is working towards being an alcohol and drugs worker.Oz said “Being an ex service user and turning my life around, I want to help to guide people out of similar circumstances. I have been given a second, third, fourth chance and I want to give other people that too.”(Pic: Current volunteer, Jack with new volunteer, Oz)