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1st Dedicated Justlife Centre

  • 2 min read |
  • Posted by Justlife
  • On 17 October 2010
Dear Friends, Supporters and Partners,
As you know, over the last 2 years the Justlife team have been working to support people who are vulnerably housed in east Manchester. Starting out with one drop in session each week we gathered a small group of people who were largely untouched by health and social care services. In May this year, due to the growing demand for our service we started a second weekly session based in St Clements Church in Openshaw, with each phase of growth we have discovered a need for more comprehensive and diverse interventions and we have had a vision to establish a health and enterprise centre which can offer new hope and aspiration to those living in the margins of this community.Today we are able to announce that in March 2011 we will be opening our first dedicated Justlife Centre right here in Openshaw where we will be providing health and social care interventions to the many vulnerably housed adults in this neighbourhood. We will be renting a disused doctors surgery and employing a project manager, project worker and nurse as well as some sessional staff who will work with a team of volunteers over a 3 year period to achieve significant outcomes for this community. We are absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to develop Justlife in this way but more importantly that we will have opportunities to create a more healthy, hopeful and happy future for the vulnerable in our community.Once again we will be relying on the support of so many friends, supporters and partners to make this project a real success. Please download this document, which has more information and some pictures of the new centre as it looks currently.Thank you so much for your support, we look forward to sharing the next phase of the Justlife journey with you.