Joining the gym and feeling fit

This summer, more and more of us at Justlife Manchester are “Feeling Fit”. A partnership with the Gym Group has opened up new opportunities to many of the guys attending Justlife.

Earlier this year The Gym Group opened a new site close the Manchester centre in Openshaw and lots of services users expressed an interest in attending – many who remembered being regular gym attenders before becoming homeless. But, a lack of confidence, no fitness clothing or suitable trainers and no money meant that just walking in and joining up seemed impossible.

Having secured a small amount of funding for fitness clothes, Justlife made contact with the gym who generously donated free induction to 12 people, free passes and a free one-month gym membership to several people. Subsequently, 3 people have no joined up and are regularly going.

One service user said: “I am feeling so much better already, I used to go to the gym all the time and it is where I feel most at home, I am so happy to have that back”.

Others have reported a big improvement in mental and physical health.

This partnership with The Gym Group is just part of Justlife Manchester’s “Feeling Fit” campaign. The football team have participated in a tournament, the running club is preparing for their first race – the Manchester Colour Run and we are making best use of the basketball facilities in the Justlife garden.