Hello to Hannah

Hannah Radcliffe
Hannah Radcliffe started volunteering at Justlife a few weeks ago, and this is what she has to say:

I heard about Justlife through Ruth Cox, the centre manager, and wanted to get involved as I would like to work in this area.

I have just spent 10 months in Amsterdam volunteering with CWM (World Council Mission). I was working on three projects working in vulnerable people: a homeless shelter, a homeless choir and with undocumented people.

Justlife is very different as the projects in Amsterdam were primarily providing food, shelter and a place to wash, as we worked with rough sleepers.  Justlife provides practical support for moving on and making changes.

I have to say that Justlife is an incredibly welcoming community. It feels like a family and I never knew that there would be such good support for people coming out of difficult times.

Justlife really helps people who have found themselves at the bottom… When I asked one guy if he was ok, he said: ‘No… I am addicted to alcohol, I have been in and out of prison and now I don’t know what to do with my life when I am not in prison. I can’t stop drinking and I have wrecked my childrens lives’… So, it is so important that Justlife is there to support him – for a start its brilliant that he is coming to Justlife and hopefully we will be able to help him move forward.

I am really excited about volunteering at Justlife. At the moment I am doing two days a week, whilst looking for work.