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Run a fundraiser at your school to help people without a home in your community

Ideas for your school fundraiser

There are lots of fun ways for local schools to support our work! Help us raise funds for people experiencing homelessness in Brighton and Manchester, and have lots of fun while you're doing it.

  1. Themed days – A great way for students to enjoy themselves while supporting an important local cause. You could encourage students to wear red for Justlife during a non-uniform day.
  2. Justlife’s events – We have a number of events throughout the year and welcome school teams. We can also offer advice and support so that you can organise your own school event as a way to support us.
  3. Our One Zero Challenge – Students find a team mentor who can help them turn an initial investment of £10 into as much fundraised money as possible. This is an excellent way to gain real-world business and organisational skills, perfect for CVs and university applications.
  4. Organise a Teacher vs Pupil event - Challenge the teachers to a sporting match and invite the parents to come down to watch!
  5. Art attack - Invite pupils to create artwork based around the theme of homelessness and auction the pieces to parents to raise money.

How Justlife can help your school

As well as supporting schools’ fundraising projects, we have a lot of knowledge about homelessness and charity work that we can use to help and inform your students. We can offer you:

  1. Professional advice for students about homeless issues
  2. Assembly talks adapted to suit your student age range on a variety of subjects including the work of Justlife, the homeless crisis, volunteering and fundraising opportunities.
  3. Speakers for your public fundraising events.

For further details about how we can support each other, please contact one of our Fundraising team at