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Who we support

In Greater Manchester, we work with people living in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation (UTA). This includes privately-ran B&Bs, guesthouses and hostels where residents do not receive wider support to help them move away from homelessness. Justlife supports people who live in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation with their health, housing and wellbeing, alongside weekly outreach at UTA properties in Manchester where residents can get advice.

If Justlife is able to support you, we could provide help with some of the following:

  • liaising with landlords to advocate for your needs and work through accommodation issues
  • applying for benefits, budgeting and managing finances
  • support with attending medical appointments and managing prescriptions
  • finding more suitable housing and settling in
  • connecting you to community activities, training providers or volunteering opportunities
  • support with digital access / inclusion
  • opportunities to improve people’s experiences of Unsupported Temporary Accommodation

How to find out if Justlife can support you in Manchester

1. Fill in the contact us form below
2. Or ring the Justlife Centre: 0161 285 5888

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