Phil’s story

After being released from prison in early 2011 Phil was street homeless. He was eventually placed in shared accommodation opposite to the Justlife centre. Due to a misunderstanding Phil was nearly kicked out of his residence, but Justlife was able to support him in his appeal so he could remain. A Justlife worker met with him weekly to help him address issues, he stopped using drugs, started volunteering and becoming involved in the Justlife workshops.

We enabled Phil to secure a place in better accommodation, where he had a flat of his own. But he got involved with other drug users and started using again. After a few months Phil was served a 28-day notice on my flat. He decided to face up to life and came back to Justlife for help. We helped him arrange a meeting and negotiate repayments on rent arrears.

Phil continues to engage in with Justlife’s workers and is moving forwards again.

Phil said: “If it wasn’t for Justlife I wouldn’t be where I am today, in fact I don’t think I would be here at all.”