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Supporting homeless prison leavers

Why our work with prison leavers matters

37% of all prison leavers are released with nowhere to go. Without support to reintegrate into society, those who end up homeless and in temporary accommodation (TA) are at risk of committing further offences, disengaging from probation, and negatively impacting others. Our work, delivered alongside the probation service, ensures they receive support throughout their time in TA to sustain their tenancies, engage with services (e.g. mental health, substance misuse services), maintain engagement with probation, and find longer-term housing, helping to reduce reoffending rates.

Tom’s story

Before working with Justlife, Tom lost his job after his employer found out he had been in prison, leaving him homeless and unemployed. Tom’s Support Worker worked with the Probation service to secure him a place in temporary accommodation to prevent him from sleeping rough on the streets. We helped him register with a local GP, access medical care for his health needs and access his benefits entitlements.

After helping meet Tom’s immediate needs for safety and shelter, Justlife began looking into long-term housing options, such as registering with social housing providers, specialist supported accommodation schemes, and applying for a deposit-assistance for private rented properties. Eventually, Tom was offered an affordable, good-quality private rented flat and his health greatly improved, enabling him to start his own business as a tradesperson. Tom is thriving and his work is in such high demand that he now manages his own team of tradespeople.

Tom's name and image have been changed to protect his identity. Image source: Unsplash, Katie Gerrard

This is the longest I’ve stayed out of prison ever, I’ve been out for a year now. Without such places and people like Justlife I don’t know exactly where I would be.