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Outreach and advice drop ins

Any problems that build up night after night, I worry and speak to staff and it’s a massive weight lifted and helps me straight away

Why our outreach services are so important

Many people arrive in temporary accommodation with no idea of their housing rights, what support is available to them or what their next steps should be to move away from homelessness. We visit properties to provide advice around housing, accessing benefits, digital inclusion,raising accommodation complaints and budgeting. We also support people to into more stable housing and continue to support them as they settle in.

Sammy’s story

During the pandemic, we started delivering food, supplies and wellbeing activities to a new Unsupported Temporary Accommodation based in North Manchester. Sammy, a resident, is in his 60s with mobility issues and a history of homelessness. Over time, with regular visits to the property, Sammy started to open up and shared how difficult he found the conditions in the property, including leaks, broken windows and vermin. The Justlife team reported these to the landlord and the local council housing compliance team. Once Sammy saw issues being fixed, it started to build trust, and Sammy had the confidence to reach out to Justlife for more support.

Nervous of being in busy places the Justlife minibus was an ideal base for in-depth, private conversations with our Specialist Support Workers. Having the opportunity to learn about other housing possibilities has led Sammy to decide to apply to get on the social housing register and bid for sheltered accommodation. Sammy now has options open to him that he did not know existed.

78% said having Justlife worker improved their emotional wellbeing

I have mental health issues and physical issues and it's just nice to have help from people who are willing to help me no matter what it is. I appreciate you being there, without you I don’t know where I would have been