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Mental and physical health support

Before Justlife, with doctors and things, I wasn’t going and with all the health problems I had. It got worse. Justlife just make sure you get the right help. They take care of everything.

Why our health support matters

Brighton & Hove has the highest death rate among homeless people in England. 1 in every 78 people here are homeless, including in emergency and temporary accommodation (TA). At a time when need has exploded, services have been rollbacked, leaving many with nowhere to turn for specialist support. Housing shortages mean people are trapped in TA, where their health can deteriorate to a crisis point. In the past year, almost all of the people we worked with had mental health issues, which shows that our services are needed more than ever before.

91% of our Health Engagement clients say Justlife has helped improve their health

Trevor’s story

When we began working with Trevor, he was living in emergency accommodation (EA) with no bedding or basic household appliances. He was freezing cold at night, sleeping under his coat, and his health had significantly declined. He is a passionate footballer but after an accident left him unable to play, he began feeling depressed and started drinking to cope. This made it difficult for him to arrange and attend health appointments, so his health conditions did not improve for several months.

We provided Trevor the essentials he needed such as cooking equipment, bedding and furniture, and made a plan to tackle his housing and health needs. We supported him to access equipment to help him walk while recovering from the accident, register at the GP, manage his medication, and advocated for his needs in many hospital appointments. We referred him to the drug and alcohol service to address his drinking and he began attending support groups. Eventually, he underwent an operation on his ankle. Alongside this health support, we bid on properties to get Trevor out of TA into a home of his own.

Over time, Trevor started to feel like there was some hope. He was offered his own place and worked with his Support Worker to set it up as a home. We helped furnish the flat by applying for carpets, white goods and other types of furniture. We set up utility bills, council tax, and made a budgeting plan to prevent him from falling behind on rent. After his operation, he spent several months healing in the comfort of his new home and is now able to live independently. He joined a local football club, has been learning to cook, and hopes to train as a chef one day.

Trevor's name and photo has been changed to protect his identity. Image sourced from Unsplash

I needed help. I have autism and was struggling to work through the system and didn’t feel like anyone was listening to me. My Justlife support worker cut through the difficulties and my mental health is much better. I couldn’t have done this on my own