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Mission statement and values

Our Mission

Working with people who are close to the streets

Justlife is in existence because we know that every time we don’t act another person living in unsupported temporary accommodation suffers. They suffer with deteriorating mental and physical health, become victims of crime, lose control of their life, drop off the bottom rung of the housing ladder or die prematurely.

How do we achieve the vision?

Frontline working

Our frontline services have a dual strategy: to PREVENT people falling into homelessness and to PROGRESS those who are homeless towards and into safe, healthy and stable lifestyles.Our skilled frontline workers use knowledge, experience and training to carry out support work and are empowered to make person centred decisions. We work together in teams to learn, evaluate and modify practice on an ongoing basis.

Influencing the sector

We are one of the only organisations specialising in working alongside those living in unsupported temporary accommodation. We are using our expertise and learning to inform practice across the sector through: relationships, events, strategic partnerships, networks and consultancy.

Improving policy

We engage with decision makers and those involved in policy at a national and local level, to share our learning from the frontline and research, informing policy which affects our service users.

2016-2021 strategy

During 2015 staff, volunteers, service users and external stakeholders contributed to a 5-year strategy. The strategy was launched in January 2016 and sets the course for Justlife over the next 5 years.

2016-2021 Strategy

Our values

1. People before programmes

We value the hopes and dreams of the individuals who make up the Justlife community; whether it be service users, staff, trustees or volunteers, we are committed to ensuring that everyone involved with Justlife flourishes.

In practice, this means taking a very creative and flexible approach to the programmes which we run in accordance with the skills and resources which we have available, and being prepared to stop actions as well as start them.

2. Collaboration before competition

We are increasingly aware of the corporate nature of the charity sector. We are determined to not make ‘growth’ an aim or to enter into competitive tendering which would displace other providers from delivering services and add no value to the beneficiaries. We seek out opportunities to work in partnership to deliver new or improved services, which improve life for those close to the streets.

3. Innovation before Institutions

The health and social care landscape is changing and our models of intervention must keep evolving. We favour an agile approach; trying new ideas and interventions. We are committed to elevating the service users' voice and enabling them to belong. In practice, this means our projects can be unusual and experimental, but continually developmental.

Uniquely Justlife

There are numerous national and local, public and charitable agencies working on the issue of homelessness. We are keen to work alongside and in partnership with other agencies and are confident that we have developed and tested an approach that is effective, distinctive and unique.