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About us

About us

Our vision

Our vision is to make people’s experience of temporary accommodation as short, safe and healthy as possible. Justlife is in existence because we know that every time we don’t act, another person living in unsupported & unsuitable temporary accommodation suffers. They suffer with deteriorating mental and physical health, become victims of crime, lose control of their life, drop off the bottom rung of the housing ladder or die prematurely. Since our inception, we've played a crucial part in the prevention of this, giving these people help that their lives can change for the better.

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About us

People before Programmes

We value the hopes and dreams of the individuals who make up the Justlife community; whether they be people who use our service, staff, trustees or volunteers, we are committed to ensuring that everyone involved flourishes.

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About us

Collaboration before Competition

We are increasingly aware of the competitive nature of the charity sector and we are determined not to make ‘growth’ a goal in and of itself or to enter into competitive tendering which would displace other providers from delivering services and add no value to the beneficiaries. We seek out opportunities to work in partnership to deliver new or improved services, to share our knowledge, resources and experience and do anything we can to help achieve our aim.

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Innovation before Institutions

The health and social care landscape is constantly changing and our models of intervention must keep evolving. We favour a flexible approach; trying new ideas and interventions. We are committed to elevating the voice of the people who use our service to input into our work, as well as supporting the team to experiment and try stuff out.

Our 5 year strategy focuses on these areas

  • Delivering effective and empowering services
  • Supporting and developing our staff
  • Building a sustainable resilient organisation
  • Influencing policy
  • Doing things differently