A Poem by Brian Morris

At the Christmas meal last week a poem was read out by one of Justlife’s service users, Brian Morris. It was such a very poignant piece of writing, remembering all those that we have loved and lost, that we decided to share it here with you:

The year is coming to a close
soon our stomachs will be stuff’ed

Its time to think of absent friends
many who have suffered

The past is but a memory
The future is not writ yet

Let us all recall with fondness those we knew
and with kindness those we met

Times a healer thats for sure
whats done is done and can be forgot

And now we think of ones who need us most
for we are all that they have got

Let us give all that we can share
and together not one of us shall fall

So I say to you with hope and a smile
Merry Christmas and God bless us one and all.

By Brian Morris