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Helping people living in temporary accommodation move away from homelessness

Our projects

We're looking for volunteers for our befriending scheme for people moving away from homelessness!

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Interviews with people living in temporary accommodation with disabilities and disability recommendations for the homelessness sector

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Charity advocating for people who are hidden homeless and living in temporary accommodation

Nationally, our research & policy team works to identify and advocate for much needed long-term solutions to hidden homelessness. Locally, our services based in Brighton and Manchester support people who are homeless and living in temporary accommodation with welfare, health and housing needs. All our work is aimed at making stays in temporary accommodation as short, safe and healthy as possible.

What we do to help people living in temporary accommodation

Our mission is to make people’s stay in temporary accommodation as short, safe and healthy as possible.

by providing guidance on people's next steps away from homelessness, helping them overcome barriers to living independently, and shaping a plan to secure more stable housing.


by working with landlords to improve living conditions, using people's lived experiences to inform policy recommendations, and engaging with policy makers to drive change for residents.


by facilitating improvements to their mental and physical health, improving access to medical support, and providing resources to take better care of their wellbeing.

How we are supporting homeless people living in temporary accommodation

The work of our homelessness charity both nationally and locally in Brighton and across Greater Manchester continues
to advocate for people living in temporary accommodation through...

Person-centred support to improve health, build independence, and transition into a home:
Health Engagement
, Mobile Justlife, Targeted Referrals

Creating safe spaces for people who have experienced temporary accommodation to lend their voice to change,
express creativity and access peer support: Social Connection, Creative Studio, Common Ambition, TAAGs

Working alongside local and national organisations to evidence and share learning about the impact of temporary accommodation
on communities in order to influence change: TA network, Frontline network, Research & Policy, APPG

Stories of changed lives


Chris's story

Following the death of a loved one, Chris began to spiral and turned to alcohol to cope. With our support, he kept his home and became determined to manage his addiction..

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Sarah's story

After battling addiction for years, Sarah used April's lockdown to turn her life around and put her health first..

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Steve's story

After leaving prison, Steve struggled to adapt to daily life but alongside his support worker, he rebuilt his confidence, and started a new life in a place of his own..

Read Steve's story

She's [My support worker] been a god send... I can't thank her enough. You people are there when I need you and that's a great feeling.

Justlife client from Manchester

Our impact across Brighton and Greater Manchester

Since March 2020, we've delivered over 15,000 meals to homeless people living in B&Bs and hostels without cooking facilities.

In 2020, over 7000 housing and healthcare interventions were made to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

Our report, Lifting the Lid, unveiled an estimated B&B population of 51,500 households experiencing homelessness, which is 10x the government estimate.

With Justlife, they give you so much advice. If they can't do anything to help us, they put us onto other people that can. They are a lifesaver, simple as.

Justlife client from Brighton