Uniquely Justlife

There are numerous national and local, public and charitable agencies working on the issue of homelessness.  We are keen to work alongside and in partnership with other agencies and are confident that we have developed and tested an approach that is effective,distinctive and unique.

Close to the streets

Unlike most homelessness charities we don’t generally work with rough sleepers. Justlife is focussed on those who are closest to the streets, helping individuals to embrace life away from homelessness and take strides towards a healthier, safer, more fulfilling life.

Unsupported temporary accommodation

Through our research and our experience we are aware that most towns and cities in the UK have unsupported temporary accommodation, housing a homeless population that is hidden from the public eye; they are frequently not accounted for in official statistics and very few support services exist for them. Justlife is unique in focussing time and energy in specifically trying to help this group with targeted, assertive activities.

Start with person

People rarely fit neatly into one box;  people join our communities with a range of interests, strengths, problems, abilities and often experiences of multiple and complex needs.  We are developing a person centred approach that recognises that different people require different responses in order to grow and flourish according to their own aspirations and at their own pace.

Linking experience and policy

Learning is embedded into the life and culture of Justlife, we regularly ask questions of ourselves and others in order to improve our understanding of the needs of our beneficiaries and improve the services which we provide. We have also invested in formal research which has the potential to influence improvements in policy and bring temporary accommodation to the attention of policy makers, commissioners and other providers.