Justlife Manchester works to ensure people’s experience in unsupported  temporary accommodation is short, safe and healthy as possible.

The Justlife Centre: To build solid foundations of hope the Manchester Centre provides one-to-one keywork support, activities, workshops and referrals to empower adults, housed in unsupported temporary accommodation (homeless B&Bs), move towards employment, independent living and improved health and wellbeing.

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Levenshulme outreach excels in its delivery: A year ago Justlife set up a “satellite” project in Levenshulme partnering with the organisation, Inspire. This was a pilot project to support adults living in Unsupported Temporary Accommodation, or “close to the streets”. This project has recently come to an end but these are the outcomes;

69 different individuals engaged with the service totalling 386 times. 24 intense and ongoing key work sessions took place. 10 people received housing advice or referrals. 9 people received health interventions and 8 people had support with work or volunteering. A total of 394 meals were served, and 5 people were involved in active volunteering with Justlife. All these services were accessible for people on low income, isolated or experiencing extremely vulnerable circumstances. Social Inclusion has been a significant factor in this area and this project has LINKED people into their communities aiming to tackle this issue. This has provided a sense of belonging for many local residents now.

Due to continual training to EMPOWER Inspire to run their own projects now, an increased level of support which once didn’t exist is now in effect. It has become more apparent over the twelve months that isolation has been a significant factor for many people so this has had immediate benefits on the community and longer term gain. Residents in the area also have engaged with Justlife and are aware of our presence so they have known where to refer members of the community. Justlife also offers ongoing contact with Inspire in future for advice/guidance. This project has EMPOWERED both Inspire through training, and service users with key work to reach their community. This is allowing many to be the change they wanted to see.

Partnerships: There are lots of brilliant services in Manchester and we are keen to work with partners to deliver excellent specialist support to our service users. We are part of the Manchester Day Centres Network, Openshaw Network and partner with supported accommodation, health and other support providers.

Contacts & referrals

If you are living in a B&B or unsupported temporary accommodation and would like to access the Justlife Centre please come in and say hello at one of our drop-ins Monday and Thursday 10am-12pm, Friday 11am-1pm. If you would prefer to make an appointment, please use the contact details below.

To contact the Justlife Manchester team please call 0161 285 5888, email or drop in to the centre at 1479-1489 Ashton Old Road, Manchester, M11 1HH